Reflexology to Increase
Your Health & Wellbeing.

Professional reflexology services from
Michelle Galbraith MAR MNT.

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Reflexology Promotes Wellbeing
and a Healthy Lifestyle.

We offer you the oportunity to experience how
reflexology can soothe stress and muscular pain,
increase wellbeing and generally improve the
quality of your life.

Whether you need help with stress, Reflexology for
fertility, pregnancy, muscular pain or physical and
mental conditions you want more control over, at
Reflexology Farnham, we can assist in the rehabilitation
of your physical and emotional needs naturally.
You may not know that reflexology helps with:

B assisting the body’s natural healing process

B easing both initial symptoms and route cause.

B management of menopause symptoms

B decreasing anxiety, depression and insomnia

B maintaining good health all year round.

Our treatments are effective at naturally dealing with a wide range of health issues and symptoms.

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"Reflexology helps with everything in my health,
from reducing stress, to alleviating my digestion
imbalances and regulating my quality of sleep.

I see Michelle every 6 weeks to keep my health
and wellbeing in balance."

- Megan Olivia Sayer.

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