Finding Personal Meaning in a Chaotic World Big Ideas ….

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Mindful Energy – Workshops

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The Secret Art of Inviting Mindfulness

  Delighted to have created this blog post with Julian Jaffe on the concept of mindfulness and how it can be utilised to help us achieve our productivity and enjoyment of life every day. The Secret Art of Inviting Mindfulness

The Secret of Change

    Change happens; either you acknowledge and be with that fact, or it takes over. Everything evolves, whether it’s growing, shrinking, dying, or flourishing.  One way or another, the world around you — and you yourself — are changing.  Life, when in proper balance, is changing.   (Quote Dr Kareem) Today our family have… Read More

Gut health – meet your second brain

Do your guts do the talking in your life? …… meet your second brain. Scientists are fast discovering that the network of neurones in our gut are involved in decision making, mood, disease and a lot more than just digestion. Know the saying ‘gut instinct’? The times you use this gut instinct is when you’re… Read More


“The run up to Christmas” ……..

Say the word out loud in a group and watch people’s faces.

Some will light up.

Other will shrivel.

But even those who ADORE the Festive Season will usually admit it can be emotionally stressful.

1 IN 20 people considered Christmas to be more stressful than a burglary, and over half of Britons will have had an alcoholic drink before lunch on Christmas Day to cope with the stress.
(source; Stress Management Society)



With this in mind, how would you like to spend a few hours with me to combat the negative and busyness of the year?

On 23 November 2016 I will be creating a warm atmosphere for you in the Dining Room at Brasserie Blanc Farnham

Here you can enjoy the good things in life; have some personal reflective and appreciation time of the year you have just had; with other good people.

This time of year of shortest light and longest darkness is a time for creativity, reflection and mental quietude.

It’s an opportunity to restore and connect to your inner world.

It is also the best time of year to dream and plant seeds of intention for the New Year.

Unfortunately for many of us, this time of year triggers the stress responses of feeling under pressure, late or upset by something, eating bad, drinking too much, endless shopping and generally freaking ourselves out by analysing too much, and charging around too much.

To combat and rebalance all of that hot mess, your creative and peaceful day with me on 23 November 2016 will include the following:

  • You will plant the seeds of intention for 2017
  • Create your own personalised vision board.
  • You will receive insights and wisdom for the time ahead
  • You will still your mind to connect to your inner self
  • Learn about  Moringa oleifera which contains 90+ vitamins, minerals, vital proteins, antioxidants, omega oils, and other benefits.   Try it too.
  • Try the essential oils we will have on the day – learn how to use them to keep you vital and well during the winter.
  •  Replenish and rejuvenate your body mind and soul
  • Understand how you can use essential oils in cooking, cleaning, topical application, aromatherapy, ingestion and much more.



It promises to be a multi sensorial day full of playful fun, where you can create EXACTLY what you want to feel this Christmas/Winter time.

Embrace this time of year and look forward to the next 7 weeks of darkness

We have room for just 20 ladies

Time 10am to 4pm

At The Dining Room Brasserie Blanc Castle Street Farnham Surrey GU9 7HR

Price £55


Tea coffee water and juices throughout the day
Delicious canapé and homemade soup menu
Personalised vision board
Essential oils and how to use them to help support your immune system.
SuperMix product and Ameo oil in your goody bag. Your body will thank you for using them.
Restorative mediation with sound therapy to have you focus inwards and set intentions for what you want in 2017
Gift bag – surprise presents for everyone





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