As a Dad – how to work to unplug from technology

[3 minute read] I found this blog during the week which I thought was too good not to share. The neurological benefits of unplugging are starting to be respected through empirical evidence. Our brains need to switch gears; it’s natural.   Notice the difference to how your body and mind feels when you have unplugged… Read More

Why you really need to be resilient to stay strong in uncertain times

  8 Ways to grow your resilience [5 minute read] It’s natural to feel overloaded by the weight of worries that multiply when hard times show up. Whether those tough periods come from financial problems, personal loss, medical challenges or other stresses. Yet some people seem able to handle even very tough situations and come… Read More

It’s All About (The) Essential oils to increase your happy mental focus

[3 minute read] Strange but true, our olfactory system (sense of smell) can assist with achieving productivity goals and increased mental and physical energy. This is because our sense of smell interacts with the limbic system of the brain (emotional centres where memory is stored), specifically the insula which is linked to emotion, regulation of… Read More

How to deal with a dose of stress and tension – Reflexology

[3 minute read] Probably the most common cause of all disorders affecting the body, stress and tension are experienced by so many people following today’s modern hectic lifestyle. It is so important to learn to cope with these everyday stresses in order to prevent illness from occurring. Headaches, migraine, neck pains, back ache, asthma, skin… Read More

How to master tiredness at work without breaking into a stress ‘sweat’

Everyone gets tired from time to time. Perhaps you haven’t been sleeping well or have had a few late nights recently. You may simply have a back-to-back schedule, juggling your social life and work, which may leave you feeling exhausted. If you’re feeling tired, work can sometimes feel impossible. You may have trouble concentrating, find… Read More

Wondering how to make your mindfulness rock? Read this!

  [5 minutes read] Mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations. By being fully present in this way – not forcing things or hiding from them, but actually being with them, we create space to respond in new… Read More

Why you really need to de-clutter

We all accumulate things over time – inherited items, clothes we thought we loved but purchased on a whim, hold on to belongings just in case they are useful.   But the truth is that most of our decisions around holding onto items comes from an inherited one where there was lack of and scarcity…. Read More