The real reason we need sugar – it’s OK to have that Easter Egg!

  [3 minute read] The Press and the TV are promoting the health issues of high sugars in our Western Diets.  A good thing for future proofing the health of a Nation. Sugar has become the latest ‘poisonous’ word in the food chain. However, when sugar is considered from the biological reasons for human life… Read More

The Untold Secret To letting go In Less Than Ten Minutes

  The effectiveness of the letting go mechanism in problem solving / decision making often is quite astonishing. Just the words letting go can evoke strong emotional feelings because the concept triggers the survival centre of our brain which will trigger a fight or flight response. Letting go is always because of a physical or… Read More

New Years Resolutions – how to make them stick effortlessly

(3 minute read) The turkey and nut roast have been eaten, the champagne quaffed and now the familiar pattern of getting back into the routine of setting some resolutions for the new year may be on your mind. Resolutions have their place as well intentioned ideas, and you may be wondering why you seem to… Read More

Reflexology and Healthy Ageing

(2 minute read) A caring hand reflexology treatment has brought much happiness to the 60 elderly people that I visit each week at a couple of Care Homes. Research has shown that the elderly often miss out on the caring touch. Those who are able to access their language centres and give me feedback, say that… Read More

Sleep can boost your memory

3 minute read   With busy lives – schedules to meet, productivity to achieve, we can sometimes treat our bodies more like a machine than an organic rhythmic natural vessel.   These rhythms are called circadian rhythms – the most known one being that of light/dark, where our bodies produce increasing levels of melatonin as… Read More

How using Will and Love will improve your Happiness

(2 minute read) It’s December and you may be feeling extra busy and a little pressed, as you accommodate the preparations that are required for the Festive Season to begin.     It’s a lovely time of year, intended to be generous and sociable towards our family and friends.  But often times you may feel… Read More

Yoga poses for Foot Health

  Yoga teachers often refer to the feet as “the roots” of the body. It’s true; the feet ground us to the earth below us and through the ankles, to shin bones, to knee joints (and so on) above us. The feet bear the brunt of our weight as we stand—and provide the sturdy vehicles… Read More

Improve your health: reduce stress and eradicate sickness

(5 Minute Read)   At some time in our lives we’re going to have to deal with common illness and the information we’ll get into here can make a big difference in your rate of recovery. If you have ever had to deal with a common sickness that faces children, as a parent, it’s nice… Read More